Oscailt Since January 2005 has become the monthly magazine for Cork and DublinUnitarian Churches.
Originally it was the calendar for Dublin but due to popular demand by non members this new format was born and continues to grow and flourish.

To Subscribe
Annual subscription 12 monthly issues.€30 Posted for Ireland,
Posted for England & Scotland £30
International €35 ( or equilivant) Cheques and PO should be made payable to:
Dublin Unitarian Church 112 St.Stephens Green, Dublin 2, Ireland.

The deadline for articles to be included is the 21st day of the month.
Unsolicited articles, news items, letters, poems, etc are always welcome, however there can be no guarantee of publication.
Copy should be sent by e-mail or at least typed, photographs should be 300dpi.

Advertising rates are available on request.

Our magazine title, Oscailt, is inspired by the account of the Healing of the Deaf and Mute Man in St. Mark’s Gospel, Chapter 7. Jesus commands the mans ears to open up with Aramic word “Ephphatha” - open ! The Irish word oscailt, (from the verb oscail, to open), means an opening, or, metaphorically, it could mean a revelation or a beginning. A note on Oscailt